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October 14, 2014


BM2 Jeff Bridges US Coast Guard (1967-1975)

by dianeshort2014

jeff bridgesView the Military Service of Actor:

BM2 Jeff Bridges

US Coast Guard

(Served: 1967-1975)

Shadow Box:

(Veterans – view more military profiles of famous people on

Short Bio: Often a discipline problem at school, Jeff’s parents sent him to a military academy his freshman year of high school in order to teach him discipline, and take his mind off of girls. Upon graduation from University High School, Bridges followed in his brother Beau’s footsteps and enlisted in the Coast Guard Reserves with the help of his father’s Sea Hunt connections.

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  1. Wayne Arthur
    Jun 24 2017

    At least he joined some branch! Right Bruce, Billy Joel!


  2. George Clark
    Jul 5 2017

    I’ve admired the Bridges family and especially Jeff and that he served this great nation in the US Coast Guard. BUT I, for the life of me, I can’t understand his defense of Donald Trump, The Trumpfuher. In fact I can’t understand any one that defends this jerk, especially in or have served this nations in the US Armed Forced.

    Col.GO Clark, US Army (ret)


    • Len Trexler
      Jul 19 2017

      That would be because you are a retard


  3. Oct 22 2017

    A “retired” full Colonel that can’t spell the word “fuhrer”, and uses the phrase “especially in or have served this nationS in the US Armed ForceD”? Yeah, right.


  4. Nov 23 2017

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