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April 29, 2015

The Navy Corpsman

by dianeshort2014

The Navy Corpsman
By Robert Cowan

What is a Navy Corpsman, many people ask?
Well, I’ve decided to enlighten you; I’ve taken on the task
A Corpsman is a strange fellow; I’ll tell you what I mean
He joined the U.S. Navy but he’s more like a Marine

When Marines are asked to go to war to fight and maybe die
They have their “Doctor” with them; he’s their “go to” guy
A special breed of sailors that Marines do call their own
His job is taking care of them so they can go back home

When the shooting starts and bullets fly and men all hit the dirt
The corpsman looks around to see if anyone’s been hurt
He hears a feeble voice cry. “Doc, I’m over here”.
The corpsman rushes forward, his mission crystal clear

He finds a wounded comrade, a Marine that has been shot
The corpsman working swiftly, giving all he’s got
The young Marine whispers weakly, “Doc, will I die today?”
“Not a chance”, the corpsman replies, “if I have my way”.

The young Marine did survive to fight another day
On a miserable far off battlefield, a sailor saved his life
He’d soon be going home again to his children and his wife

So, if you ever meet a Corpsman say a silent prayer
For there are many Marines alive today who are glad that he was there
There’s no way of telling just how much he’s done and seen
As I said, he’s in the Navy but he’s more like a Marine.

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