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July 13, 2016


Sgt Tom Selleck US Army National Guard (Served 1967-1973)

by dianeshort2014

View the military history of actor:

selleckSgt Tom Selleck

US Army National Guard

(Served 1967-1973)

View his service shadow box:

Short Bio: While a member of the Guard, Selleck attended the California Military Academy. Later, he appeared on recruitment posters for the California National Guard and the California Military Academy.

Throughout his career, Selleck continued his allegiance to the California National Guard and the military community, volunteering countless hours for public service announcements documenting National Guard contributions to the Nation, encouraging civilian employer support, and promoting recruitment and retention. In 2008, as the Spokesperson for the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Fund, he announced the campaign to build an educational center near the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.

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  1. Sheldon Steinlauf
    Sep 14 2017

    National Guard service during and before the Vietnam War era was absolutely much different than in the post 9-11 era. For sure in the 1960-1974 period it was a haven for draft dodgers. NG troopers were not deployed to Vietnam. That and being a school teacher were the two main ways to beat the draft and stay home. A third method that had some success was to be a professional student. A 2S deferment was the prize. It’s just the opposite after the draft was stopped and post 9-11. National Guard troops have been deployed a lot. Those troopers are the true warriors; not the craven draft dodgers.



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