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August 17, 2016

AC2 Hoyt Axton US Navy (1957-1961)

by dianeshort2014

View the service history of Actor, Singer, Songwriter

axtonAC2 Hoyt Axton

US Navy


Shadow box:

Short Bio: In the late-fifties, Hoyt left college to join the Navy, where he served a hitch as a carrier sailor. Although he already had thoughts at that point of pursuing a musical career, he kept athletically active in the service by boxing. He vividly recalls scoring a TKO in the ring, in less than a minute during a grudge match arranged by his Division Officer, over another sailor who had broken his nose with a sucker punch one day while they were standing in the chow line. “I didn’t even spill my applesauce,” Hoyt recalls. Professing to this day that he doesn’t have a ‘flight’ mechanism, Hoyt went after the other man on the spot. They were quickly broken up, however, and the boxing match arranged.

“I knocked him down three times in 56 seconds of the first round,” Hoyt remembers with relish. “He finally took off his gloves, climbed out of the ring, picked up a folding chair and struck a threatening pose. I motioned for him to come on back in the ring with it, but he didn’t.” Hoyt went on to become the Heavyweight Champion of a task force of 35 ships.

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