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November 11, 2016

Together We Served Launches “Save Our Stories” Campaign To Preserve Legacies of Military Veterans

by dianeshort2014

This Veterans Day, Military Heritage Website Embarks on Special Mission to Save Our Veterans’ Stories

screenThis Veterans Day, Together We Served (TWS) – the leading online military heritage organization, with over 1.6 million U.S. military veteran service profiles, is sending a heartfelt S.O.S. to all family members of living military veterans. Together We Served’s “Save Our Veterans’ Stories” initiative is an unprecedented national campaign inviting family members to gather their veteran’s service history, memories, photographs, and memorabilia and preserve these for posterity on

Each day, more than two thousand WWII, Korean War, Cold War and Vietnam War era veterans pass away, often taking their stories with them. Together We Served is in a race against time to help capture the service history and memories of these aging former servicemen and women before it is too late.

With the help of a fully illustrated guide, creating a veteran’s military service page on has been designed to be an easy and rewarding experience. Once completed, each veteran’s service page contains his or her photo in uniform, entire service history, plus all medals, badges, insignia and sosphotographs presented in a unique, “shadow box” format which can be printed, framed, and shared via a personal web-link. Also included, is a self-interview called “Service Reflections” which helps veterans recall the people and events that shaped their lives forever.

“The legacy of the men and women who served our country are some of our most precious national resources,” said Medal of Honor recipient and Vietnam veteran, HM2 Donald Ballard, USN.  “Together We Served is providing a great service to our veterans, their families, and our nation by providing a convenient place to capture these stories. This is living history that must be preserved.”

“The stories that we’ve collected never cease to amaze me,” said TWS’s Chief Administrator and Navy veteran, Diane Short. “I’ve helped several veterans complete their military service page and some of the photos and memories we have saved are truly heartwarming.”

Together We Served also provides a unique opportunity for family members to bond with their veteran on a different, more emotional basis. “My children often asked me about my time in the service, and I never quite knew where to start,” said Vietnam Veteran and twice Silver Star recipient, LtCol Mike Christy, USA Ret. “My military service page on Together We Served not only made it easy for me to record what I did in the military, but it also gave me peace of mind knowing that my story will be read by my grandchildren and future generations long after I’m gone. I was a combat veteran — being able to open up in this way after so many years of bottling up memories has been a truly cathartic experience.”

To assist family members and veterans with any questions, Together We Served operates an online help desk on its website, manned entirely by disabled veterans, that is available seven days a week.

If you have a military veteran in your life, please go to today and join this important national campaign to Save Our Veterans’ Stories.

For further information contact:

Diane Short
Phone: 888-398-3262


Run by veterans for veterans, Together We Served (TWS) is the largest exclusively military resource for U.S. military veterans to reconnect with those they served with and create a lasting legacy of their military service. Launched in 2003 as a military heritage website for connecting U.S. Marines, Together We Served has expanded to five websites, serving veterans of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Coast Guard. Together We Served is free to join, and aims to capture the service stories of more than 5 million veterans over the next five years.

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