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December 5, 2016

Meet Our Admin Team

by dianeshort2014
Assistant Chief Admin – Darrell Bucy (US Army Ret)
Darrell joined TWS in 2014 and liked it so much he joined our Volunteer Profile Assistance Team to help others in finding their way around our site. In September of 2015 he joined our Admin Team. Darrell mans the help desk, adds cemeteries and reunions, answers emails and a hundred other duties that go on behind the scenes and keeps TWS running smoothly.You can view Darrell’s profile here:



Database Manager – Rowdy Gaines (US Army Ret)
Rowdy joined TWS in 2008. He’s been an active part of our Philippines forum since he retired there in 2014. Earlier this year, Roger joined us to manage our databases. Roger is responsible for all the descriptions of battles you see on our site. He’s also responsible for the historical accuracy of our Unit database. His hard work makes it possible for you to only be able to select from units that were active when you were. It’s a huge job but he keeps plugging along. If you have any historical footnotes or operations you need listed, email us at and Roger will be happy to get them added for you.

You can view Rowdy’s profile here:

Graphics Manager – Loyde Mcillwain (US Marine Corps/US Navy/US Army)
Loyde has been here the longest. Like his military career, Loyde wears many hats at TWS. He troubleshoots any problems on the website and works with the programmers to get them corrected. He’s our Graphics Manager. All of the patches, ribbons, badges etc that you see on the site are his responsibility. If you have a badge, patch or ribbon that is missing, email us at and we will work to get it added for you.

You can view Loyde’s Marine profile here:

Chief Admin – Diane Short (US Navy)
I joined TWS in 2007. In 2009 TWS formed the Volunteer Profile Assistance Team and that is where I started. In 2010 I joined the staff of TWS and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. (Well most of it anyway.) Like Loyde, I wear many hats. I answer the 888 line for TWS, edit both Voices and Dispatches, work with our teams of volunteers, trouble shoot any technical problems with Loyde, man the help desk, solve any disputes, maintain health checks on the site, answer emails, make the posts to our facebook pages, answer messages and work with our programmers on content and design. If you have any questions about the site or any problems you wish to report, you can email me at or you can call me directly at 888 398-3262.

You can view my profile here:

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