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June 2, 2017

Pvt Red Skelton US Army (Served 1944-1945)

by dianeshort2014

View the service history of comedian:

skeltonPvt Red Skelton

US Army

(Served 1944-1945)

View his Service Profile on

Short Bio: Red Skelton was already a popular comedian with his own show called The Raleigh Cigarette Program when he was drafted in March 1944, and the popular series was discontinued. Shipped overseas to serve with an Army entertainment unit as a private, Red Skelton had a nervous breakdown in Italy, spent three months in a hospital and was discharged in September, 1945. He once joked about his military career, “I was the only celebrity who went in and came out a private.” On December 4, 1945. Raleigh Cigarette Program resumed where it left off with Red Skelton introducing some new characters, including Bolivar Shagnasty and J. Newton Numbskull. Lurene Tuttle and Verna Felton appeared as Junior’s mother and grandmother. David Forrester and David Rose led the orchestra, featuring vocalist Anita Ellis. The announcers were Pat McGeehan and Rod O’Connor. The series ended May 20, 1949 and Red moved to CBS to continue his radio career

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