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AOM1c Richard Boone US Navy (Served 1942-1945)

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AOM1c Richard Boone

US Navy

(Served 1942-1945)

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Short Bio: One of Hollywood’s favorite villains, as a distant relation to Daniel Boone, Richard sometimes sported a coonskin cap as he manned his rear turret during flight operations.


Ens Johnny Carson US Navy (Served 1943-1946)

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johnny-carsonEns Johnny Carson

US Navy

(Served 1943-1946)

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Short Bio: He enlisted as a Seaman Apprentice and later received a commission.
He served as OIC of decoding messages on the USS Pennsylvania in the Pacific.


AC2 Hoyt Axton US Navy (1957-1961)

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axtonAC2 Hoyt Axton

US Navy


Shadow box:

Short Bio: In the late-fifties, Hoyt left college to join the Navy, where he served a hitch as a carrier sailor. Although he already had thoughts at that point of pursuing a musical career, he kept athletically active in the service by boxing. He vividly recalls scoring a TKO in the ring, in less than a minute during a grudge match arranged by his Division Officer, over another sailor who had broken his nose with a sucker punch one day while they were standing in the chow line. “I didn’t even spill my applesauce,” Hoyt recalls. Professing to this day that he doesn’t have a ‘flight’ mechanism, Hoyt went after the other man on the spot. They were quickly broken up, however, and the boxing match arranged.

“I knocked him down three times in 56 seconds of the first round,” Hoyt remembers with relish. “He finally took off his gloves, climbed out of the ring, picked up a folding chair and struck a threatening pose. I motioned for him to come on back in the ring with it, but he didn’t.” Hoyt went on to become the Heavyweight Champion of a task force of 35 ships.


PhM2c Harry Carey Jr US Navy (Served 1941-1946)

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harry careyPhM2c Harry Carey,  Jr.

US Navy

(Served 1941-1946)

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Short Bio: During World War II, Carey enlisted in the U.S. Navy, and he served in the Pacific Theater first as a Navy medical corpsman. However, he was transferred back to the United States (against his wishes) to serve in the “Field Photographic Reserve” under his father’s good friend, the director John Ford.


LTJG Kirk Douglas US Navy (Served 1941-1944)

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kirk douglasLTJG Kirk Douglas

US Navy

(Served 1941-1944)

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Shadow Box

Short Bio: Douglas enlisted in the United States Navy in 1941, shortly after the United States entered World War II, where he served as a gunnery and communications officer in anti-submarine warfare on board PC-1139. He was medically discharged for war injuries in 1944.


SM3 Tony Curtis US Navy (Served 1942-1945)

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tony curtisSM3 Tony Curtis

US Navy

(Served 1942-1945)
Shadow Box:

Short Bio: Born Bernard Schwartz, his father was a tailor who immigrated from Hungary; he was brought up in poverty in a tough Bronx neighborhood. He developed an interest in acting after visiting a neighborhood settlement house, and following service in the US Navy, he took advantage of the G.I. Bill and studied at the Dramatic Workshop of the New School for Social Research (New York City).


RM3 Earl Holliman US Navy (1944-1950)

earl hollimanView the military service of actor:

RM3 Earl Holliman

US Navy


Shadow Box:

At the age of 16, he lied about his age and enlisted in the United States Navy during World War II. Assigned to a Navy communications school in Los Angeles, he spent his free time at the Hollywood Canteen, talking to stars who dropped by to support the servicemen and women. A year after he enlisted, the Navy discovered his real age and discharged him.

Holliman returned home and finished high school. As soon as he was old enough, he re-enlisted in the Navy and was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. Interested in acting, he was cast as the lead in several Norfolk Navy Theater productions.


RM3 Fred Gwynne US Navy (Served 1944-1948)

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gwynneRM3 Fred Gwynne US Navy (Served 1944-1948)

Short Bio: Born Frederick Hubbard Gwynne in New York City on July 10, 1926, to a wealthy stockbroker father, he attended the exclusive prep school Groton, where he first appeared on stage in a student production of William Shakespeare’s “Henry V”. After serving in the United States Navy as a radioman during World War II, he went on to Harvard, where he majored in English and was on the staff of the “Harvard Lampoon”.

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RM1 Jason Robards Jr US Navy (1940-1946)

robards2View the Military Service of Actor:

RM1 Jason Robards Jr

US Navy

Shadow Box:

Short Bio: As a Radioman 3rd Class in the Navy, Robards served aboard a heavy cruiser, the USS Northampton (CA-26) in 1941. On December 7, 1941, he was aboard the Northampton in the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles (160 km) off Hawaii. Contrary to some stories, he witnessed the devastation of the Japanese attack on Hawaii only afterwards, when the Northampton returned to Pearl Harbor two days later. The Northampton was later directed into the Guadalcanal campaign in World War II’s Pacific theater, where she participated in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands.

During the Battle of Tassafaronga on Guadalcanal on the night of November 30, 1942, the Northampton was sunk by hits from two Japanese torpedoes. Robards found himself treading water until near daybreak, when he was rescued by an American destroyer. For its service in the war the Northampton was awarded five battle stars.

Two years later, in November 1944, Robards was radioman on the USS Nashville (CL-43), the flagship for the invasion of Mindoro in the northern Philippines. On December 13, she was struck by a kamikaze aircraft off Negros Island in the Philippines. The aircraft hit one of the port five-inch gun mounts, while its two bombs set the midsection ablaze. There were 223 casualties, and the Nashville was forced to return to Pearl Harbor and then to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington, for repairs.

During his time in the Navy, Robards picked up Strange Interlude, a stage play by Eugene O’Neil. After his discharge from the Navy in 1946, Robards returned home and confided to his father his growing interest in acting.

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LT Robert Stack US Navy (Served 1942-1945)

robert stackView the Military service of Actor:

LT Robert Stack

US Navy

(Served 1942-1945)

Shadow Box:

Short Bio: Stack joined the Navy during World War II, serving as an aerial gunnery officer/instructor for three and a half years. During his service, he earned numerous medals and commendations, particularly for his skill at sharp-shooting. He was a top-notch air-to-air gunnery instructor. Because of his expertise as an Olympic champion skeet shooter, (U.S. 20-gauge champion skeet marksman before WWII, he holds the record for more than 350 consecutive skeet hits) he was assigned to teach anti-aircraft gunnery.

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