Sgt Ramon Aguilar, U.S. Army (1999-2007)

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The following Reflection represents Sgt Ramon Aguilar’s legacy of their military service from 1999 to 2007. If you are a Veteran, consider preserving a record of your own military service, including your memories and photographs, on (TWS), the leading archive of living military history. The Service Reflections is an easy-to-complete self-interview, located on your TWS Military Service Page, which enables you to remember key people and events from your military service and the impact they made on your life.

Who or what influenced your decision to join the military? Which service branch did you select, and what do you remember most about joining up?

What influenced me to enlist in the active army was the overwhelming urge to escape the abusive and toxic home environment I was in. I figured that there was nothing worse than the physical abuse I was receiving from my dad and constantly being called worthless, a loser, or a piece of sh* by my mother. Due to the constant physical and psychological abuse, I had a very low self-esteem, and self-worth and no clear sense of self-identity.

Joining the army saved my life. I had the wherewithal to know that I was not mature enough for college right out of high school. I was scared when I first shipped out, but I knew it was what I had to do in order to survive. When my army recruiter said his final goodbye to me, my lower lip quivered, but with all my strength, I fought back my tears. My Army recruiter was one of my handful of positive mentors growing up. He simply clasped his hand on my shoulder and said I would do just fine.

The army gave me an identity that I could be proud of; I finally felt accepted, loved, and respected.

The army gave me structure, purpose, and a clearer sense of direction. The army provided me with tough love but also a family. I have army brothers to this day who I have served with, still, keep in contact with, and am closer to than my own biological family.

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  1. Atta Oppong Boahen

    Good to share you experiences. Good name is better than riches. The army is an institution that trains and equips one to fit well in the society. Every Soldier should therefore learn to be humble and obey instructions and that makes the Soldier life easy. He who takes instruction and advice is wise. Physical training too is of some value to the Soldier but godliness is above excellence. A Soldier must train for missions not of guns only but also that touches the heart of humanity.

  2. Alan L Roach

    Sgt Ramon, I am very respectful of your good judgement not to “quit on life” I am pretty sure that you must have made the right decision for yourself. Good Job

    I was a draftee during Vietnam and the Army taught me many things that can’t be learned in a classroom.


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