Cpl Scott Baigrie, U.S. Marine Corps (1989-1993)



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Which song do you connect most to your time in Military service? What specific memories does this song bring back for you?:

As I reflect on that vivid memory from Operation Desert Storm, it’s as if I’m transported back in time to the harsh and unpredictable environment of the desert. It was a moment that showcased the camaraderie and unity that develops among soldiers during challenging times.

The rain came unexpectedly, a rare occurrence in the arid desert landscape. Droplets fell from the sky, refreshing and cooling the parched earth beneath our boots. We found ourselves seeking shelter under the massive shelter of a 5-ton truck, its sturdy frame providing a makeshift haven from the unexpected downpour.

Gathered together under the truck’s shelter, our platoon formed a tight circle, huddled close to one another for both warmth and companionship. The raindrops drummed a rhythm on the truck’s metal surface, starkly contrasting the dry silence that typically enveloped our surroundings.

As the rain continued to fall, someone began to hum a familiar tune, and gradually, the hum evolved into a chorus of voices singing in unison. It was “Hotel California” by the Eagles, a song that many of us knew by heart. The lyrics seemed oddly fitting for the moment – a tale of being trapped in a mysterious place, much like our situation in the desert, far from home.

The sound of our collective voices carried through the rain-soaked air, echoing off the vast expanse of sand dunes and night skies. The song provided a moment of respite, a brief interlude of connection with something familiar amid the unfamiliarity of our desert deployment.

Underneath that 5-ton truck, raindrops fell, voices harmonized, and for a fleeting moment, we were transported away from the harsh realities of warfare. We were no longer just soldiers; we were a group of individuals finding solace in shared memories, music, and the strength we drew from one another.

Looking back on that memory, I’m reminded of the power of human connection and how, even in the most challenging circumstances, people can come together to find comfort, however fleeting, in the midst of the storm

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