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Joining the Braves by Winique Payen

“Joining the Braves” is a must-read for anyone considering joining the military, especially young Americans and immigrants who want to give back to the United States, as author Winique Payen comes from both backgrounds. 

About the Author of Joining the Braves

Today, he is a non-commissioned officer in the United States Army who has served multiple deployments overseas and is currently stationed in Tennessee. But Payen started his life in Haiti, where he was born and raised. He came to the U.S. in 2009, but his enlistment was not his first encounter with the U.S. military

In 1994, the United States invaded Haiti to overthrow the military regime that unseated Haiti’s ​​President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who was elected in 1991. 

“I saw those guys walk in with pride,” Paten recalls in his book. “Everything from their discipline to their honor to their integrity all influenced me greatly… I wanted to see myself standing among those troops.”


From the day he first saw them, his priority was the U.S. military. When he finally entered American soil in 2009, his first move was to take the ASVAB. Since he’s still serving in the Army, you can guess how well he did on that test and in his U.S. Army career. 

“Joining the Braves”: Winique Payen’s Military Maneuvers

His book, “Joining the Braves,” takes a hard look at the cultural differences he learned while becoming Americanized, serving in the military, and rising through its ranks. It begins as a kind of “how-to” guide for any newcomer to American citizenship to learn what they can expect while learning how to thrive. Once he was in the military, his life began to change dramatically. 

“I have come to a realization that whether you are an immigrant or a refugee, you should not confine yourself to a migrant camp or even a small apartment because you cannot speak the same language,” he writes. 

He brought that same discipline to his service, and he shows readers countless examples from history and his own life experience that show how important discipline is to joining and excelling in military service. 

One doesn’t need to be an immigrant to take the lessons of Winique Payen’s journey to heart. Even young Americans who may or may not have considered military service as a means of advancing their own lives can learn from his prose. From altering the course of one’s entire life to gaining an education and providing for family and fellow soldiers, “Joining the Braves” is probably one of the most authentic and comprehensive calls to action for joining any branch of the military. 

“Joining the Braves” by Winique Payen is available on Amazon Kindle for $9.99 and in paperback for $19.99 right now. 


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